#WOD – Initiative for an Open City of Dresden
is an open association of cultural institutions
in Dresden founded in 2014.

Together we stand up for democracy and
a cosmopolitan society based on solidarity.

Together we set marks for a careful handling of
our democratically constituted liberal society and its culture.

Weltoffenes Dresden

Tomorrow = Yesterday + Today


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With many thanks to all contributing parties for the joint program from February 8th to 15th, 2021
- here on this website and in the urban area of ​​Dresden and Radebeul

On the occasion of the commemoration of the destruction of Dresden in World War II, #WOD - Weltoffenes Dresden invites you to social and artistic engagement with the traumatic events of February 13, 1945 with the common motto "Tomorrow = Yesterday + Today" .

In the “Week of Remembrance”, Dresden's cultural institutions are again looking for contemporary forms of remembrance in 2021, seventy-six years after the decisive event. How can we keep memories of the war alive in the face of today's challenges? And how do we want to shape commemoration today?

In very different ways, the diverse contributions of the cultural institutions will take passers-by into the personal and social past and into plural forms of commemoration and remembrance. #WOD invites you to reflect on the relationship between history, present and future and the changes in the forms of commemoration in the past and present and thus to be able to experience the central squares of the city as places of mutual dialogue despite the difficult pandemic situation.

For this purpose, the cultural institutions are presenting individually selected, large-format image motifs, some of them specially selected, with a Poster art action at twelve locations in Dresden's cultural urban area and at the Radebeul location, at the locations that exemplify the destruction of the urban system and thus the social life of the city Works designed by artists for the action, with photographs and quotations that encourage pause and reflection. The locations selected include, among others. the Theaterplatz, the Neustädter Bahnhof, the synagogue or the Altmarkt. In addition, an interactive hiking buoy with individual memory messages appears at seven different locations in the city, a man builds a six-meter-high tower, a light sculpture reminds of the day when the Dresden clocks stopped - you can see the entire analog and digital program on the # WOD website: weltoffenesdresden.com

Of course, we pay particular attention to the fact that all actions take place without contact and can be viewed in accordance with the current hygiene rules. Please also take care of each other. We look forward to seeing you walking through the city with your eyes open!

Poster Art

From February 8 to 15, #WOD - Weltoffenes Dresden will present a joint Poster art action in eleven public spaces in the center of Dresden and at a location in Radebeul, for which the participating institutions regional and international artists * will have a public 'canvas' on free-standing , large-format image installations on the subject of "Tomorrow = Yesterday + Today". The artistic works, some of which were specially developed for this purpose, invite in a polyphonic way to reflect together on today's forms of remembrance and commemoration in Dresden and Europe.