Others felt dizzy.1989/90: Black, Jewish, Migrant
Spot The Silence / Christian Obermüller, Rixxa Wendland

The way spot_the_silence works is interview, asking, listening and asking. In response to the murders in the NSU complex, they began to work on an archive on the long history of racism in Germany. Since then, they have been collecting anti-racist voices in video portraits and working against oblivion.
Six people from East and West Germany talk about their experiences and thoughts before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her narratives paint a complex picture of history and question mechanisms of collective memory.

With the kind permission of the Anne Frank educational institution in Frankfurt / Main, we cordially invite you to visit the project's website - only in german:

"Anderen wurde es schwindelig. 1989/90: Schwarz, jüdisch, migrantisch
with the interviews and a short presentation of the contemporary witnesses portrayed by Spot The Silence:

Uwe Dziuballa

* 1965, Karl-Marx-Stadt, DDR

Anetta Kahane

* 1954, Ost-Berlin, DDR

Sanem Kleff

* 1955, Ankara, Türkei

Mai-Phuong Kollath

* 1963, Hanoi, Vietnam

Peggy Piesche

* 1968, Arnstadt, DDR

Patrice G. Poutrus

* 1961, Ost-Berlin, DDR

Spot The Silence / Christian Obermüller, Rixxa Wendland (2019)