Šejla Kamerić

February 8 – 15, 2021

Schlesischer Platz

Kunsthaus Dresden

The image shows clouds of black smoke over the refugee camp Lipa (Bihać), located in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the major fire broke on December 23, 2020 destroying the camp. Small Bosnian town of Bihać, located just miles of Croatian border, became a dead end on the Balkan route in 2017. Misery of thousands of refugees placed in this camp culminated after the 2020 fire and left them to endure in the forests without any accommodation or any other support from the EU.

Vision of clouds of smoke, indicating the inhuman conditions for people affected by the wars, are a strong message by Sarajevo based artist, Šejla Kamerić, referring to an ongoing loop of events and their circumstances. Often the present events are the result of previous violence. ENDLOSERSOMMER installation is a part of the commemoration of the destruction of Dresden in February 1945. For strategic reasons, wars and revolutions often begin in spring or summer. A summer that refuses to end for those affected.

A contribution by the Kunsthaus Dresden to #WeltoffenGedenken as part of the commemorative events on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the bombing of the city in February 1945. Further visual interventions by the artist Šejla Kamerić will be on view in the urban space of Dresden and in the exhibition “The Party is Over ”in autumn 2021 at the Kunsthaus Dresden.