Poster art installation "Risse - Gedenken - Einichten" (Rifts - Remembrance - Insights)
Katharina Vogt und Tobias Schick

February 8 – 15, 2021


The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra commissioned the two Dresden-based artists Katharina Vogt and Tobias Eduard Schick to create a poster installation that both takes up the orchestra's musical tradition of remembrance and offers space to reflect on other forms of commemoration. The result is a work entitled "Risse - Gedenken - Einsichten" (Rifts - Remembrance - Insights), which will be shown from 9. by 15. February at the Altmarkt. On billboards, for example, a score page from the autograph is used to commemorate the first commemorative concert in 1946 with "Ein Deutsches Requiem" by Johannes Brahms, which marked the beginning of a long series of concerts, most of which were conducted by the respective principal conductor. In addition, a composition created especially for the occasion can be heard over a loudspeaker. The installation is supplemented by pictures of musicians, images from programme booklets and pictures from Dresden's tradition of remembrance (human chain, etc. ).