Spielt zum Tanz: Albinoni
Theatergruppe Past Continuous

We would like to invite you to find a comfortable and quiet place and to listen to the following work with headphones. You are welcome to close your eyes.

Giazotto searches the ruins of the Dresden library, which was destroyed by bombs, for a score by the baroque composer Tomaso Albinoni, which may be lost forever.

The need for art, even in pain, maybe even because of pain, will lead him to an unexpected encounter that will force him to make an important decision.

This second part of ´Spielt zum Tanz´ is presented in audio format, in which the participant can experience the pulse of art that does not shrink from the limits of human tragedy.

The theater group Past Continuous wants to track down the germs of war that exist in the past but also in our present. One such germ is hate. Past Continuous examines the effects of hatred on our society and suggests alternatives.

Script, direction, editing and sound: Cristian Javier Castaño
Translation: Hans-Georg Liebezeit
Reader: Klaus Drija
Music: Adagio in G Minor (Albinoni) by Dick de Ridderis licensed under a Creative Commons license